WhatCan I Earn?

The potential earnings of a franchisee are largely driven through their efforts. So it is up to each individual franchisee to maximise the full potential of the franchise, meaning you are in control of your own income!

You will have a number of income streams that will offer you revenue all year round, which all offer high repeat business and have consistent gross profit margins of between 30-40%. The Head Offices own Franchise unit in South Staffordshire has annual revenue in excess of £700,000, which is a very realistic figure that can be achieved within 36-48 months.

The market value of a Progressive Sports Franchise is between £1-1.5 million dependant on the size of the territory. So as you can see to get up and running with a successful business, you only need a market share of between 15-20%!

As with any business you will incur overheads which will affect the bottom line, so training will be provided on how to operate a well run operation.

We know the demand is there for our services, and we know the model works!

So, if this business is right for you, then you really should find out more information about  how it works.

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Please feel free to browse our different franchise packages, and find the one which suits your financial and personal requirements best.

Petite Franchise

If you are a looking for a more hands on approach and would like to operate the services yourself, then this is the package for you!

Standard Franchise

This package is our most popular choice and is a happy medium between a fully blown management franchise and an owner operated unit.

Premium Franchise

If you are used to managing teams of people and are looking for a management franchise, which can meet your ambitious needs, then this package is the one for you!

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