Why Progressive Sports Works

One of the primary reasons that our business model works is because we are very good at what we do, which has been a constant process of refinement over the years.

We also operate in a market, where we are seeing high demand for our services, and we are seeing unprecedented amounts of investment from central government into PE & school sport in primary schools, which is a commitment of £320 million per year.

With the know-how gained by Progressive Sports as a result of its highly successful Midlands operation, franchisees will be running a very successful business from day one, which will be driven through their effort and following the successful blueprint that has been created.

To find out more on how you can take the first step to becoming a Progressive Sports Franchisee, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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our range ofPackages

Please feel free to browse our different franchise packages, and find the one which suits your financial and personal requirements best.

Petite Franchise

If you are a looking for a more hands on approach and would like to operate the services yourself, then this is the package for you!

Standard Franchise

This package is our most popular choice and is a happy medium between a fully blown management franchise and an owner operated unit.

Premium Franchise

If you are used to managing teams of people and are looking for a management franchise, which can meet your ambitious needs, then this package is the one for you!

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